We follow the IICRC S500 Standards and Reference Guide for Professional Water Damage Restoration. Your sewage problem will be thoroughly resolved in a prompt, safe and cost effective manner.
Our technicians will perform a loss assessment and evaluation of your situation to determine the extent of the damage and the best way to resolve it.
Whether the sewage is inside your home or business or under it in the crawlspace, we have the equipment and expertise to remove it safely.
Sewage is also commonly referred to as Black Water or Category 3 water. The most common causes of this water entering a home or crawlspace are broken drain pipes or a drain line back up or clog.
Due to the obvious bacterial and pathogen content of this water, special precautions must be taken to protect the occupants and the home from any further exposure to sewage. This is typically done by isolating the affected area and installing and covering areas in plastic sheeting to keep them clean until the clean-up is complete and if the customer desires an independent third party consultant has verified the area is clean.
If your heating or cooling registers are on the floor, the ductwork may have water in it. We will be able to locate exactly where the water has penetrated by using moisture detection equipment and thermal imaging technology.

We will take the appropriate course of action to remove the sewage or waste water, disinfect the affected area and get your home or business back to normal as quickly as possible.
ALL DRY AND TIDY sewage cleanup services include:
  • Sewage extraction from home and crawlspace
  • Drying and decontamination of your home or business with an emphasis on occupant safety and comfort
  • Contents cleaning
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